Hey man, che cammini come me, dall’altra parte della strada

Hey man, vieni e canta insieme a me, da questa parte della strada che ci facciamo compagnia


Donna is a psychotherapist who is passionate about exploring new ideas, countries, art, music, food and ways of being…and sharing what she’s learned.

  • Why Is It Hard To Ask For Help?

    Why Is It Hard To Ask For Help?

    If we truly believe that “we are all in this together” it seems it shouldn’t be that difficult to ask for help. Personally, I find it very hard. I used to think it was difficult for most people, but I’m not so sure about that. I see others asking for help, seemingly very easily, expecting […]

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  • Zucchero, Sweet as Sugar

    Zucchero, Sweet as Sugar

    Written by Brad After being high in the Rockies under the evergreens, for the last stop on our summer concert series Donna and I took a Hudson River Line (apologies to Billy Joel). We definitely had a New York state of mind as we headed to the Big Apple’s venerable Beacon Theatre. Located on the […]

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  • You are Love

    You are Love

    While it’s sunny and humid at the moment, there’s a feeling of fall in the air…or like a new season is upon us. A good time to think about how I want to begin this new season. When I started writing this morning I began by lamenting on how imperfect I am and how difficult […]

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