Hey man, che cammini come me, dall’altra parte della strada

Hey man, vieni e canta insieme a me, da questa parte della strada che ci facciamo compagnia


Hey man, I see you walking just like me on the far side of the road

Hey man, come and sing my song with me, on my side of the road so that we can keep each other company.

  • Nothing


    I got nothing. Nothing to write about. I have lists of ideas but I don’t feel like writing about any of them. I started writing a piece for a project I’m working on about an event that took place in 8th grade which in my experience was pretty much the suckiest year of living. I…

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  • My Royal Red Gloves

    My Royal Red Gloves

    Purchased on a whim, at a boutique nearby, their beauty and color captivated my eye. It was during my February “surround thyself with reds and pinks” days. A petite plaid-design of multiple shades of reds with accents of muted black going one way, gold the other, and a softer material of deep burgundy on the…

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  • World Poetry Day

    In honor of World Poetry Day, I am sharing a poem I just read in Joy Harjo’s Memoir, Poet Warrior: A Post Colonial Tale Every day is a reenactment of the creation story. We emerge from dense unspeakable material, through the shimmering power of dreaming stuff. This is the first world, and the last. Once…

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