Hey man, che cammini come me, dall’altra parte della strada

Hey man, vieni e canta insieme a me, da questa parte della strada che ci facciamo compagnia


Hey man, I see you walking just like me on the far side of the road

Hey man, come and sing my song with me, on my side of the road so that we can keep each other company.

  • Squirrel!


    I know, it’s a picture of a cardinal. When I say squirrel, I’m referring to being easily distracted. Too many options. I often don’t know where to start or which way to focus. This is a unique time in my life. I closed my private practice and allowed my LCSW to expire after 25 years.…

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  • Getting to Know AL

    Getting to Know AL

    “What’s going on?” Al Franken asked. “I think we have a flat tire and we’re riding on the rim,” I answered. “There’s no time to do anything about it now or you’ll miss your flight.” I can’t believe this is happening, I thought. It’s Charley’s beautiful BMW we’re in. I don’t want to ruin anything…but…

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  • Stop Talking

    Stop Talking

    “Sometimes I feel like you don’t love me,” I said to my mother who was standing over the stove cooking supper. Smack! The slap landed so quickly, it startled me. “How dare you say that. Go to your room.” Holding my stinging cheek, I walked away. I guess I should’ve just kept my mouth shut.…

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