Living the life you want now!

Have you ever thought about how many days you have left?  I just read that the average life-expectancy in the US is 79.8 years.  This number is up from 62 years in 1985.  This means if I live to be 80 (rounded up four months)  I have 8,760 days left!  It’s weird to think about it this way…somehow it feels to me like there’s less time than I thought.  It is a real motivator to live each day to it’s fullest now!  Here are a few tips I read recently (source unknown):

  • Keep your word – Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  Look the world straight in the eye.  Live and work with honesty, openness and integrity; keep your promises.
  • Forgive everyone, especially yourself! – Make it a rule to be the first to forgive –especially yourself!!!
  • Move forward – The past is not your potential.  There are far better things ahead than any you leave behind.  The rest of your life is a blank canvas–throw all the paint on it you can.
  • Be grateful – Stop and view your life through the eyes of the other six billion people on Earth.  Literally hundreds of millions of people would gladly trade places with you right now–and be ecstatic.
  • It’s the little things – The happiness of life is made up of little things–a smile, a helping hand, a caring heart, a word of praise, a moment of shared laughter.  We are most alive in those moments.  Savor them all!
  • What you focus on increases…

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