Mark Twain said that kindness is “the gift the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

In a recent birthday message to me, Laurence Hillman wrote, “As you reflect back on your life, be kind to yourself and acknowledge with gratitude that you have arrived here.  Then, take a moment to remember how kindness has lifted your spirits along the way.  Remember what others did for you that gently got you here.  Finally, vow to pass such power, the ability to lift spirits, forward.”

He then went on to say, “May your year be filled with moments where you smile at someone unexpectedly, comfort someone in need, help the voiceless find their sound, or otherwise align yourself with source.  This, surely, must be the best present you can give yourself.”

I am grateful for his words and for the many kindnesses that have brought me to where I am on this journey.  May you all notice the many kindnesses in your life and pass the gift of kindness on to others…

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