The Grand Canal

Words nor photographs portray just how magical it is to be in Venice.

Last night was humming with activity. Verdi’s Rigoletto was playing at La Fenice Opera House and we happened to walk by when guests were arriving all dressed-up. We also walked by two old churches where classical concerts were playing. San Marcos square reminded me of giant ballroom floor and I thought couples should be waltzing. There were tables set up on opposite sides with piano music playing on one side and a string trio strumming on the other. It was grand!

Today we went to Scuola San Rocca and saw the many brilliant and intense paintings of Tintoretto.

It was a full day and now I want to squeeze in a few more chapters of Donna Leon’s Commissario Brunetti series (set in Venice) before I turn out the lights.

Tomorrow we head to a nearby town, Padua, to see the Scrovegni Chapel.


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