Florence nightlife

Christina, me, Frank, Carmel, Yumi, Aubrey

What a fun night. I’m mainly posting this picture because Yumi has an app or something magical that after she takes a picture I look better on it than in real life.😉

What can I say?

Anyway, we met at the Scottish bar which seemed to be a hangout for Americans and English speakers although there were quite a few Italians there too. There was a soccer game playing. Soccer is huge here (understatement) which I’m sure you all know.

After a few drinks we walked down the street to a restaurant called Dim Sum. We ate there instead of going for sushi because of its proximity and they had all been before and loved it. It was delicious and we had a blast. Yumi ordered a bunch of appetizers including noodles and dumplings and rice with shrimp, I can’t remember what else, it just seemed that dishes kept coming. And then we shared a chicken dish with coconut milk and lemongrass that was to die for and then a more spicy pork dish. Frank ordered us a nice red.

Afterwards, we all walked back to the pub. They stayed to talk more and to watch soccer but I headed back to the Albergo to pack. Everyone hugged me goodbye and it was a bit sad not knowing when I’ll see them again.

I wasn’t very far from my place but it was the first time I walked alone here after dark. They all assured me it was safe but then when I was walking away Carmel yelled, “be careful.” The streets were well lit and the city was hopping, especially for a Wednesday night, felt like a weekend night.

Now it’s early Thursday morning. Brad will arrive this afternoon. We are staying in Florence 2 nights, Venice 2 nights, and then Rome 2 nights and flying out of Rome. I was thinking yesterday that I feel like I used to feel when I lived in Boston and Seattle when friends or family were coming to visit…even though I don’t live here…it’s his first time to Italy and there is so much I can’t wait to show him!

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