Magical Venice

San Marco
Campo San Stefano from our window

I still don’t think pictures do Venice justice but wanted to share a few anyway. (All pictures since Brad arrived are ones he’s taken.)

We arrived yesterday afternoon. After breaking the key to our flat trying to unlock the door and being locked out for a few hours, we walked for 12 miles around this wonderland. It was a Saturday and crowded. Today being Sunday, we thought it would be less crowded and we’d take it a little easier. It was still crowded at many places and even though we weren’t planning on it, we walked another 12 miles (Brad has an app.). We also did some touristy things today like drinking Bellinis at Harry’s Bar and taking a gondola ride which I had never done before…it was more fun and beautiful than I expected. Everywhere we walked today there were groups of people singing and then this afternoon in Campo San Stefano, where we’re staying, there were several different groups singing. It started out with a group singing and playing instruments including a trumpet, trombone, saxophone and French horn and then a chorus on the other side of the campo under our window started singing as if answering back and then another group started after that and so on. There was such joyfulness and a strong feeling of community in the air…now that’s my kind of church.

I am weary-eyed, my feet are throbbing and I need to hit the sack. Tomorrow we have tickets for the train to Rome but the transit workers have gone on strike for 24 hours, which I am told happens frequently in Italy. We will see how that unfolds. It’s out of my hands and I’m too tired to worry about it at the moment.. Ciao.

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