My last post was about living life as if it is rigged in your favor…and then I got sick. I had a fever the morning I was to go with Brad to Memphis to hear his son perform. Aaron James is a musician who has a new album coming out and was performing some of his new songs. It was a big deal as Covid slowed things down for quite some time for most performers, including AJ. I was so disappointed to miss it. Brad still went and had a good time and, as always, was really impressed with and proud of his son.

I slept through the entire weekend and am feeling a little better although I still have coughing fits which are annoying and my energy’s still low Anyway, last night Brad was telling me more about the performance and the co-op his son is part of. It’s made up of artists in Memphis and is called Unapologetic. Check them out. Above is their credo. I just love it and wanted to share it right away.

I realize I spend too much time apologizing or explaining myself. Probably 99% of the time it’s not warranted nor does it honor myself. Have a good day being you, unapologetically!

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