New Moon

We are entering a new moon cycle. A new moon will be on the horizon tomorrow evening at 10:52 pm EST. At that time, the moon and the sun will be joined together in the sky. We will not be able to see the moon right away as it will sit in total shadow, briefly, and then will show a little sliver of itself and gradually be revealed as it waxes its way into a full moon on July 13th (about a 14-day time period.)

The new moon phase of the cycle is thought to be a good time to set intentions and plant seeds, or launch new projects. There are many new moon practices and rituals and many include the days prior to and after. I like to do these rituals although I find it takes some preparation and by the time I think of it the actual new moon date has arrived.

Last year at this time I remember doing some new moon rituals and they were meaningful to me. I remember releasing and clearing-out built-up negativity and resentments that I was holding on to. I listed ways of thinking and being that I no longer felt were serving me, as well as frustrations I had around certain people, relationships, and situations. Then I lit a candle and “blessed and released” them…asking God, or the Universe, to take care of them.

I also set intentions. I wrote down wishes, dreams, and desires and I tried to be as specific as I could. Then I again lit a candle and read my list out loud. I thanked the Universe for hearing my truth. I don’t remember all of my intentions but I do know one was to get to Italy…I got there twice and stayed almost 3 months in total!

There are many resources out there that can give you more details and suggestions around rituals and prayers during moon cycles. I just wanted to share a couple of examples of ones that I have done.

This particular new moon is in the sign of Cancer meaning “Cancerian” themes will be in the forefront. Since Cancer is already ruled by the moon, you may experience a double dose of this energy. Cancer themes include family, relationships, home, comfort, water, security, and big maternal energy. Cancer energy is often known to be very sensitive so keep that in mind if you’re feeling overwhelmed or more sensitive than usual. This is a time to be good to yourself and to take extra care. There’s no harm or shame in resting more and staying home if you want. I also just read that in this particular cycle we’re entering, it’s a great time to clean house – literally. We’ll see about that.

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