What I know for sure

Written by Peg

What I know for certain is that we are all Pure and Perfect Love. Life is a journey to remember who we really are as Spirit/Essence. We are not our beliefs or our ego. Those aspects are a vehicle that can enable us to grow into our wholeness. I see our soul as a flower with many petals…some petals are unfolded, some are partially open and some are closed. To know wholeness, those parts of us that are hidden, hated, or not honored need to be seen, accepted, loved and then integrated into the whole. We humans have free will and we attract into our lives those people, situations and emotions that provide the mirrors to see ourselves.  

In our childhoods, we all develop some defenses and protectiveness to feel safe and to be seen. These defenses aren’t good, bad, right or wrong. They are our very brilliant ways of survival. As we grow into adulthood, these defenses often get in the way of healthy relationships and health in general. They may not even be consciously known by us. This protectiveness causes blockages in our body and in our relationship to God, self, and others. Our brain’s three defense strategies are fight, flight and freeze. Our defenses build protective layers but truth can release them. What I know for sure is that we have opportunity in this life to know we are OK for we are connected to Divine Love and Essence. This love is present within our souls and in all of nature.   

Our memories are stored in our bodies. We can mentally, spiritually and physically attempt to change a belief, attitude and action but unless we allow our body to feel what that intention feels like in our body, it mostly won’t stick. Candice Pert and Bruce Lipton did groundbreaking research in this field of neuroimmunolgy. We have to live in our body like the action is done already. It’s almost too simple for us to embrace. 

I’m certified in muscle balancing and emotional repatterning, which combines the benefits of western and eastern medicine to assess one’s body, mind and emotions. I help clients to identify obstructions in those systems and to understand the protective patterns. The clearing of blockages is accomplished with a combination of tapping on specific meridians on the head/face, along with using a form of EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), while repeating a positive and present affirmation. The intention of the client begins this form of muscle balancing and is tested at the end to see if the process is complete. Mindful approaches to self-honor and self-care are integral, also.

The results are enhanced personal power, health improvement and disease prevention, and releasing of natural healing energies. Greater energy, vitality and inner peace are experienced. Improved relationships and self-care in relationships, decrease of pain, greater well-being, and balance in all facets of life motivate clients to continue this amazing journey of self knowledge and healing.–

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