You are Love

While it’s sunny and humid at the moment, there’s a feeling of fall in the air…or like a new season is upon us. A good time to think about how I want to begin this new season. When I started writing this morning I began by lamenting on how imperfect I am and how difficult I find people to be much of the time. How I can be short-tempered and reactive. How I have high standards for myself and subsequently for others. How, no matter how hard I try not to judge, I’m often in my head, running stories that include a fair amount of comparing, qualifying, and judging people, events…and myself.

And…while all of that may be true, I am also full of love. I am definitely fun-loving and I can be quick to forgive. I laugh easily and often. I am empathic and always quick to help someone in need, even if just to be a listening ear. I continue to learn and grow and gain self-awareness. I recognize that I can’t do it all on my own and I need help from others. I’m learning that asking for help is not a weakness. I’ve learned many tools to help my wandering and judgmental mind and can more quickly turn that around when I recognize it.

I am love and so are you. This is a big, wonderful, and often scary world but on good days I recognize the blessing it is to be alive on this earth for whatever short amount of time we have. I believe our task is to stay open, to feel, to be curious and question…as opposed to shutting down and to stop learning and growing, thinking we know all the answers. Life is a journey and there is always room to learn and grow…our teachers are all around us. Whatever your situation may be, your teachers and lessons are right there.

May you love yourself today and recognize the love inside you and all around you.

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