The Power of Music

This morning on one of the news shows, singer Joy Oladokun whom I had never heard of before, inspired me in just a couple of minutes of listening to her. She spoke about the power of music, how it can be healing, and how it’s the last frontier where people can unite before any issues divide us (heavily paraphrased – but is the gist of what stayed with me.) In her bio she says, “Words are such a wonderful tool. I remember all of the best and worst things anyone has ever said to me…People are traumatized by words or uplifted and encouraged to change their lives and careers by them.” I can relate to that. I’m sure you can too. There’s been a lot of talk lately about the power of words but today I wanted to comment on an aspect or extension of words…music.

Listening to Joy talk about her story and her music, I was reminded of all the wonderful concerts Brad and I saw this summer. I believe at every single one I commented on the good energy around us. At Santana it felt like we had been churched. He had such a loving and connecting message with his words and music taking us to another dimension and inspiring us to be more loving. As Brad mentioned in his post on Billy Joel, we almost immediately became friends with those sitting around us, together reveling in the soundtrack of our youth. We experienced similar feelings of connection and celebration at the Zucchero concert in NYC and because it was mostly in another language, we felt an international power of unity. Our most recent concert (which Brad hasn’t written about…yet) was Gary Clark Jr. at the Hershey Theatre. I don’t think I ever saw anyone enter a stage dripping with so much swag. We were immediately drawn in and held onto every word and note that came out of his mouth –and guitar– for the entire concert. Everyone around us seemed to be experiencing the same as we smiled at each other in collective recognition and awe.

With no exceptions, my summer (technically, Gary Clare Jr. was in autumn) concert series attire was my Lauryn Hill t-shirt. It’s when I feel my coolest and maybe when I’m perceived as my coolest (wink emoji.) It has been remarkable how many comments I get when I wear it…multiple times at every single concert…all positive ones…from all different ages and demographics. I love it.

I guess all I’m saying is this, music is powerful! It can connect us on so many levels and our differences disappear. Nobody brought up politics or organized religion at any one of these concerts. Nobody asked us how we felt on any issue or what church we go to. For a couple of hours on several nights this summer we were united with others, taken to a higher energy level where we basked in the love that the universe has to offer. We were reminded that we truly are all in this together.

PS. Brad just reminded me that on the way home from Gary Clark Jr. I said “live music is so good for the soul.” I just quoted myself. LOL. But it’s true!! Have a wonderful day.

One response to “The Power of Music”

  1. Every concert we’ve attended has had it’s own unique identity and vibe, and it’s own community, which everyone is welcome to join for the brief time we are together. The music not only entertained, but also united and uplifted us. It is definitely good for the soul and I can’t wait to experience that feeling again!


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