A New Day

The sun is streaming through the window, feeling warm upon my back.

I stroll outside for a little while, the smell of chocolate in the air.

It’s supposed to warm-up today. Will it reach my bones?

It’s a wondrous day to be alive, I want to spend it well.

Choose the “middle-way” says Pema, There is no reference point. I have never been here before. It’s a new day, a brand new space…

How will I fill it? What will it look like? Where am I going?

I don’t know. Nobody really knows where they are headed.

I am open. I am alive.
I have this one moment.

And it is good.

It is enough.

4 responses to “A New Day”

  1. Wow Donna. I really love this post about a brand new day and where it is headed and no one knees what will occur during the day. I enjoyed this blog and perusing about the uncertain day

    Seeing a new day is indeed a wonder and it is a delight to be alive each day🙏


  2. Thank you for your comment. The meditation I chose this morning on Insight Timer spoke to that. The leader was asked how we can live each day more blissfully and he replied that 1 million people don’t wake up each morning so if we wake up in the morning we should delight in the fact that we are actually able to welcome a new day! Again, thanks for viewing my site and for your comment!!! Have a wonderful day!

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