Some of my Favorite Christmas Things…

Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle

Christmas is a Sensual Time of Year

To me, this time of year is very sensual. Sights, sounds, scents, textures, tastes … and nostalgia of Christmases past. Some of my favorite Christmas things are…

Sounds of Christmas

Music … Amy Grant’s Christmas cd’s…especially the song Tennessee Christmas from her first Christmas album. I get very nostalgic when I hear that song even though I’ve never been to Tennessee much less spent a Christmas there. I believe her first Christmas album was a gift from my brother when I was in high school. I played it over and over and especially loved that song…still do! I had a friend in Boston, a macho cyclist, who played that album all year long! LOL! I also love BeBe Winans singing My Christmas Prayer with his mother Delores. And I love Idina Menzel’s Holiday cd from a few years ago…I believe it’s called Holiday Wishes. Oh, and George Winston’s Pachebel Cannon.

Colors and lights and smells of Christmas

Colors … I love all the colors of Christmastime. I love that the main ones are red and green…the colors of Italy’s flag. I love all the greens of trees and wreaths and trimmings. I love the reds of the velvet bows and ribbons. I love the shine of the golds and silvers that are found everywhere, especially on trees. And, I love the dark blueish-purple strings of lights…

Lights … I love all of the lights this time of year. The all-white strings, the multi-colored, and as I just mentioned, I especially love the strings of lights that are deep blue, almost purple. I have fond memories of going to Vancouver, BC during the holiday season one year and seeing many many lights in that shade of blueish-purple. I still ooh and aah when I see them.

Candles … Tis the season to have candles lit all around the house…all different sizes and colors of red, green, and white, etc. … and ones that smell of pine.

Smells … of pine, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cookies baking, fireplaces burning ….

Oatmeal cranberry whoopie pies

Textures … the velvets of ribbons and dresses, satins of bows and sashes, sparkles of lights and sugar-topped cookies, the smooth and sometimes metallic of wrapping paper…

Holiday movies … that are classics and that I watch over and over…some so many times that I need to skip a year or two because I’m a little tired of them. A few are: Love Actually, Elf, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Bad Santa…

Surprises … I love the sweet surprises that come along this time of year…whether it’s an unexpected card from someone, or a small gift or kind gesture, or a phone call, email, text. I love them all!

Memories … while every holiday season isn’t perfect and some have even been clunkers or sad or difficult…there are so many heart-warming moments over the years around Christmastime that still bring a smile to my face. Acts of kindness and expressions of beauty and love…

Merry Christmas

I know I’ve only scratched the surface and now I’ll keep thinking of more and more things I wish I would’ve added. I didn’t even touch on tastes and all the foods and beverages and sugary sweets that are ubiquitous this time of year, other than showing the picture of the cookies I just made. But it’s all good…it just means I’ll keep thinking of more reasons to like this time of year and I’ll write another post about more Christmas favorites.

May you enjoy the sensuality of the season and may there be wonderful surprises in store for you… which will then make wonderful Christmas memories … and the gifts go on…

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