Meditating Outside…in Winter

This morning I woke up early. It was a relatively mild winter morning for Pennsylvania. I bundled up and put a comforter on one of the rocking chairs on the front porch and did my morning meditation out there. In the spring, summer, and autumn it’s my usual place for morning meditations. It’s hard to remember the last day I sat there. I guess one morning it seemed too cold…and then before I knew it, I was sitting inside every morning…and looking out. Today it felt so good to be outside, to hear the birds sing, to watch the squirrels quarrel and chase each other in the trees, to watch the neighbors leave for work, and to breathe in fresh air.

The year is starting out with lots of activity. Lots of connections…with friends nearby and in Seattle. I’m doing some networking…for myself and for a couple of friends…which I very much enjoy. I started studying the Italian language again (it fizzled out at the end of the year.) Am planning some trips, and as per usual, daydreaming of Italy. Am actually talking to a friend about buying a house there! What? I know, right? Very exciting. But I’m not really sure when I’ll get back there. Hopefully sometime this year but maybe not until fall.

I didn’t make resolutions for the new year but have some general intentions I hope to live out such as: dream big, live large, eat well, surround myself with people who support and inspire, love myself, stay open, stay curious, be in the moment, and be kind.

Eating healthy - stir fry last night.

A picture of my stir fry ingredients the other night in line with eating well.

That’s all I got for this morning. Go out and make it a good day, everyone!

3 responses to “Meditating Outside…in Winter”

  1. Good luck with your intentions. Looks like your year is off to a good start. I’m guessing the stir fry was delicious because the ingredients look great.


  2. Thank you! It was delicious. I forgot to mention the sauce I put on it that was also healthy (mostly) and made all the flavors pop. I know you’re eating well these days too. It’s always fun to see what you’re making…

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