Sunsets in Florida

I haven’t written for awhile because I was lucky enough to visit a friend in Florida. I’ve known her since before kindergarten and she moved there two years ago. Our moms were good friends too and so there’s a lot of history.

I’ve been to Florida a handful of times over the years and have always had a nice time. I’ve been to Kissimmee, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Longboat Key, to name a few. My friend bought a beautiful new house on the Gulf side of the state. We had a lovely time. It was too short – only three nights – but it was a much-needed warm break from the cold winter back here in PA.

Now I have some new lovely memories. The images that will stay with me most, other than the bright, colorful flowers and plants everywhere, and the water and bridges and cute tiki bars, are the magnificent sunsets which I am sharing with you.

4 responses to “Sunsets in Florida”

  1. I love your photos! Sunsets and sunrises are my favorite times of day.
    We were just in Florida on the Atlantic Ocean side, and I witnessed some beautiful sunsets and sunrises. 


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