Penn State Wins!

A follow-up to yesterday’s post about March Madness and Penn State making it to the NCAA Tournament. They were the underdogs for sure, last night, as they matched up with Texas A&M. I heard Charles Barkley predict before the game that A&M would win by a lot, at least 15 points. He was so wrong!! Penn State didn’t just squeak by, they won 76-59 and were up 26 points at one time. They were rested and looked great! They are in the zone right now. This is their first NCAA Tournament victory in 22 years!!! They will face Texas at 7:45 tomorrow night. Go Nittany Lions!

A couple of notes about my first sports piece yesterday. There were a couple of errors that are now fixed including the B10 teams Penn State played. They were Illinois, Northwestern, and Indiana, and then they lost to Purdue. Another thing, Brad’s son, Adam, said I need to change where I write that Brad’s on the edge of obsessive…he said it’s way beyond that!


Alas, Saturday night Penn State lost to Texas and eliminated from the tournament. It was a wonderful run while it lasted!

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  1. Thanks but they are out of the tournament now. Fans are sad, not only because most of the players on this team are seniors and won’t return next year but yesterday it was announced that their coach, Shrewsberry, is headed to Notre Dame. Thanks for reading!

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