My Royal Red Gloves

Purchased on a whim, at a boutique nearby,

their beauty and color captivated my eye.

It was during my February “surround thyself with reds and pinks” days.

A petite plaid-design of multiple shades of reds with accents of muted black going one way, gold the other, and a softer material of deep burgundy on the palms.

The tips of the forefingers, each with a barely-seen sewn-in flower, allowing for access to smart phones.

Fluffy and red faux-fur rings at the base of each glove, seemingly welcoming my fingers, my hands, to take refuge in their softness and warmth.

Beautiful, classy, girlie, feminine…and utilitarian, are my royal red gloves.


In preparation for a writing class that I’m going to take next month, I’m reading the teacher’s book about writing and am getting many prompts with which to write. I’m obviously not a poet but I am learning how playing with words in different forms can activate my creativity and so that’s what I’m doing. Thanks for reading.

7 responses to “My Royal Red Gloves”

  1. I used to mostly wear black or darker colours but have been trying to add more colour to my wardrobe too and it’s been fun. I actually love colourful clothes now.


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