I got nothing. Nothing to write about. I have lists of ideas but I don’t feel like writing about any of them. I started writing a piece for a project I’m working on about an event that took place in 8th grade which in my experience was pretty much the suckiest year of living. I think I’ll save that for another time.

Here’s something I saw written somewhere recently, “We are moving from an age of information to an age of meaning.” What does that mean? I’m all about meaning. In fact, I sometimes get bogged down in it, thinking things aren’t worthwhile unless chockful of meaning. I have mostly chosen paths that are meaningful to me over the ones promising money, power, prestige, or security. Important topic, but I don’t want to write about it today.

I think what has me seemingly stuck is twofold: one is that I’m leaving in less than 48 hours to fly to Seattle and drive with a good friend to her new home in Arizona. The trip will stretch out over five days and four nights and will include driving highway 101 for much of it as long as the roads aren’t wiped out from all the rain. We will be going through the Redwoods in northern California where neither of us has been before. Our last night on the road will be in Palm Springs where we each have a good friend we’ll visit. Lots of fun stop and sights. I love a good road trip with a good friend. I just have lots to do to get ready.

I think the bigger reason I’m stuck is that I’m taking a writing class when I return. As I mentioned in a recent post, I read the teacher’s book on writing where she discusses fears that all writers have. (Or most writers anyway. She mentioned one famous writer who thought his writing was the second best around. I forget who that was.) I feel like an imposter even using that identifier to describe myself, “writer.” While this teacher is extremely encouraging in that regard, she also sounds a bit militant about the “craft of writing” and “learning the craft.” She thinks anyone can “learn the craft of writing” as long as they are open to hear feedback. I’m a bit thin-skinned regarding criticism but hopefully I will give myself the grace to hear constructive criticism as well as give myself credit for stepping into this scary arena.

“Writing is revision” she says more than once in her book. I get that and respect that but when one wants to have a blog that sometimes seems to serve as a public journal, where pieces are posted regularly, and a goal is to write something meaningful, how much time should one spend on revisions? I suspect there’s a different answer for everyone. I do know that I almost always come back to my posted pieces wishing I would’ve done more rewrites. Who knows how many more revisions it would take to make me satisfied.

As I write this, I realize I am brilliant at making excuses. Sometimes regardless of what’s going on, the best thing is to just write and post something when it’s at least “good enough.” Just as Winnicott describes the goal of being a parent. Writing is a process, a journey. We all have different reasons for writing and blogging. One delightful thing for me to see, is that my writing is improving. I recognize I have a ways to go to be where I want with my writing but today I’m going to honor where I’m at right now. I am grateful to be right where I am.

I probably won’t write much during my road trip … maybe I’ll share some pictures now and then. And while I’ll still be reading others’ posts, I most likely won’t be responding because my i-phone makes it difficult to do so. Not sure why but it just does.

Be well everyone.

6 responses to “Nothing”

  1. I’m thin-skinned too so I understand how you feel. I’m also always making excuses when I’m scared to do something or write so I get that too lol. Have a fun trip with your friend and don’t worry about posting, just concentrate on having a good time.


  2. A really great question… meaning has to take top priority. I cannot write for a form prompt that has no meaning. Hope you have a safe and meaningful trip!


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