Preparing for Winter While Daydreaming of Florence

It’s been six months since I’ve returned from my two-month stint in Italy. I know that I’ve been lucky to be there as often as I have recently…three weeks last autumn and two months this past winter/spring….but the longing has returned. It has actually been quite beautiful around here of late with the autumnal leaves…

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Zucchero, Sweet as Sugar

Written by Brad After being high in the Rockies under the evergreens, for the last stop on our summer concert series Donna and I took a Hudson River Line (apologies to Billy Joel). We definitely had a New York state of mind as we headed to the Big Apple’s venerable Beacon Theatre. Located on the…

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Italy via NYC

I’ve not written about Italy recently. I’m practicing the language most days and reading travel guides and novels about different areas of the country. Guido updates me at times and tells me of his family and the extremely hot summer they experienced in Florence. But, alas, I do not have another trip planned there at…

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Italy Again

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. I went to Italy for two months on a “networking tour” to see how feasible it would be to move there. Thankfully, I was able to continue my virtual sessions with clients. There are a couple of different roads one can take to spend more time in Italy, a…

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Art in Italy

‘One of the primary objects of the enlightened traveller in Italy is usually to form some acquaintance with its treasures of art. Even those whose usual avocations are of the most prosaic nature unconsciously become admirers of poetry and art in Italy. The traveller here finds them so interwoven with scenes of everyday life, that…

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Buona Pasqua da Firenze!

It’s been great to be back in Italy again, especially my month in Florence. My morning walks have been magical and I can’t seem to get enough of the history, art, and beauty that presents itself everywhere I turn. I wanted to share a few pictures today including my new Firenze haircut! Happy Easter!

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Trip to Philadelphia

Many have asked, “what’s next?” While my dream to one day live in Italy is still alive, I recognize it will take several steps and much paperwork to make it a reality and so I will need to be patient and hopefully visit often, in the meantime. You are probably wondering what any of that…

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My First Trip to Italy

Written by Brad When Donna and I first started discussing the possibility of my joining her in Italy, I was excited, but skeptical that it would really happen. Italy had always been a dream destination. And now I sit here with memories that will last a lifetime, still trying wrap my head around the fact…

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Take-aways from trip to Italy

It’s not easy to summarize this trip to Italy…there was too much awesomeness as I just wrote to a friend. There are many take-aways to share…especially for anyone who would like to travel to Italy. It’s a little more challenging during this time of Covid, but it’s doable and still worthwhile. I highly recommend it!…

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Rome is bigger, busier, and maybe harsher than I remember but it’s still great to be here. The food has been fabulous. We had brunch at 11:00 when a Pavarotti-looking restaurant owner, Claudio, beckoned us to his outdoor seats and pretty much told us what we were having…bruschetta, homemade raviolis, spaghetti and meatballs and a…

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Magical Venice

I still don’t think pictures do Venice justice but wanted to share a few anyway. (All pictures since Brad arrived are ones he’s taken.) We arrived yesterday afternoon. After breaking the key to our flat trying to unlock the door and being locked out for a few hours, we walked for 12 miles around this…

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Last full day in Florence

Brad arrived yesterday afternoon. I expected him to be tired and needing sleep but he was alert and ready to soak in the charms of Florence! We walked all around the city – by Santa Maria Novella, the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza della Repubblica, the Arno, Santa Croce Church, Piazza S.S. Annunziata,…

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Florence nightlife

What a fun night. I’m mainly posting this picture because Yumi has an app or something magical that after she takes a picture I look better on it than in real life.😉 Anyway, we met at the Scottish bar which seemed to be a hangout for Americans and English speakers although there were quite a…

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No map needed

Today was the first day I realized that I know my way around Firenze pretty well. When I returned from my morning wanderings I noticed I hadn’t even taken along a map. My feet are perpetually tired and achy from all the walking and from the unevenness of the cobblestones. I now take lots of…

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Back in Florence

I arrived back in Florence yesterday and felt a little sad…I had such a wonderful time in Venice. I’m finding it hard to transition from each place. There is so much more I could say about Venice. None of my pictures really did it justice. It was great to see Dan after 20+ years. It…

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Words nor photographs portray just how magical it is to be in Venice. Last night was humming with activity. Verdi’s Rigoletto was playing at La Fenice Opera House and we happened to walk by when guests were arriving all dressed-up. We also walked by two old churches where classical concerts were playing. San Marcos square…

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Last day in Florence…

…for now. I’ll be back next week. Heading to Venice tomorrow for four nights. I’m sad to leave Florence. I feel like I know my way around and have a good connection with Carmel and Pino. She said we’ll get together when I come back next week even though I’m staying at another Albergo. Today…

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Sensual Florence

Today I put in another 5+ miles soaking in the lures of Florence. It got up to 81 degrees again after heavy rain and thunderstorms yesterday. I am particularly tired tonight, seem to be having a hard time adjusting to the six hour time difference. I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of…

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It was a molto fun party! It wasn’t for the hotel guests but rather some of the friends she had mentioned who get together frequently and are from all over the world including Japan, England, US, and Italy. There were 14 of us and we sat at a long table on the terrace, Carmel at…

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The Duomo is Florence’s gothic cathedral and some say it’s the city’s geographical and spiritual heart. It’s stunning. It’s not far from where I’m staying and so I get to see it every day to get wherever I’m going. I’m having fun learning my way around. I’ve been trying to do it without looking at…

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I’m in Italy! 🇮🇹 I cannot believe I actually made it here again. So many hurdles but I’m here. And very happy. Florence is so much more beautiful than I even remembered. I’m soaking in every sight, sound, smell…and taste. I’ve already had delicious caffe, biscotti, pasta pomodoro, insalata, cheese and prosciutto, red wine and…

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